1-25 Speedway 2016 SPORTSMAN Rules

revised 1.29.17



I . No equipment on a racecar will be considered as having been approved because of having passed through inspection "unobserved". If this rulebook does not specifically state that a change, modification, or addition is legal, then a competitor must consider that change, modification or addition as illegal. If a question arises about the legality of a change, modification or addition that is not covered in this rulebook, the question must be answered by I-25 Speedway in writing, and that decision is final. •

  1. Registration: Sportsman drivers must tum in a fully paid and completed current year Registration Form with properly assigned car number and pit stall, as well as a current W-9 form prior to competing in any event. (Including but not limited to qualifying races.) Every effort will be made to assign the driver with the pit stall they requested, but 1-25 Speedway reserves the right to move any car to another pit of equal construction (when permissible) at any time. Any car not in their assigned pit spot will be fined $50. There will be no duplicate numbers and/or letters used.

  2. Check Policy: A returned check fee of $50. will be payable in cash prior to competing in any event. Re-issue of lost checks will cost the driver $25.

  3. BEFORE you race, ALL required forms are to be filled out, NO forms, NO checks. (Racing without said forms is Forfeiture of that week’s check-NO tolerance) (revised 1.29.17)