Super Late Models

Super Late Models are purpose-built oval track racing "rocket ship" stock cars. These racecars are built from tubular steel for the chassis, which are optimized for short track racing at its finest. They utilize the highest state-of-the-art componenents and practices in handling and engine performance in stock car racing. There is nothing "stock" about these stock cars.

The term "Late Model" is used as these cars resemble, in appearance only, the latest models of factory production cars; such as the Chevy Impala SS, Ford Fusion, etc.. The top Super Late Model drivers have honed their skills in lower classes, perfecting their patience, reflexes, stamina and driving skills which results in the elite division.

Weight:2900 lbs, - Tire Width: 10" - Horsepower: 525+


Grand American Modifieds

Grand American Modifieds are strictly racecars. These "open-wheel" monsters are light and super fast. The purpose-built chassis utilize a "stock" front frame stub generally from early-1980's and prior production cars. The dominant portion of the car is made of tubular steel with turning left and going fast in mind. Several racing-only, high-performance components are allowed,

The high power-to-weight ratio Modifieds are a highlight of any racing event with their ground-pounding engines and tight competition. The skilled Modified drivers contend with intense competition, white-knucle conditions and break-neck speeds each and every lap.

Weight:2500 lbs, - Tire Width: 8" - Horsepower: 475+



Sportsman cars generally are also purpose-built. They are full-bodied stock cars that utilize an oem-based front suspension stub. These racecars offer a more cost effective solution to many racers over a Late Model or Modified due to technical regulations. Sportsman cars also serve as a great tool for transitioning drivers wishing to enter a higher division.

The enforced rules and regulations are designed to keep the cost of racing substationaly lower than that of a Late Model. As a result the racing action is INTENSE.

Weight:3200 lbs, - Tire Width: 8" - Horsepower: 375+


Street Stocks

Our Street Stocks at I-25 Speedway provide thrilling door to door and bumper to bumper action. Mostly based on mid-1970's tru mid-1980's passenger cars, this division was designed to give racers an opportunity to compete on a budget in 8 cylinder racecars.

Always a crowd-pleaser, these drivers don't hesitate to trade paint when needed. The 3500 lb. cars offer intense racing action that leave the crowd wanting more.


Mini Stocks

Mini Stocks at I-25 Speedway have been extremely popular with racers as well as fans for decades. These 4 cylinder racers are made of power and precision. These cars are light and fast. They are built for speed and close competition.

The Mini Stocks of today host a variety of drivers, entry-level and veteran alike, who all want one thing... to win!



The Hornets offer folks a true entry-level division to race. A true beginner can race in a Hornet almost immediately. A bit of practice and then become a contender. Although a budget-minded division, the Hornets provide gripping excitement lap after lap.


Charger Figure 8's

Hold on to your hats!!! Take a field of Hornet-type cars and run them in a figure-8! The thrills are in every corner AND at the "X" in the center of the track. See veterans and rookies fight for the X SPOT with this crowd-pleasing, edge-of-your-seat division.


In addition to the above home classes, I-25 Speedway proudly hosts divisions such as the "C.A.R.C Vintage Modifieds" and "Legends" cars on a regular basis! Want blistering speed with a bit of nostalgia? Here ya' go. MODCOUPES.COM