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I-25 Speedway's event photo's by,  Track Photographer Sam Sgambati of Siam Photography.


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March 24, 2017


I25 Speedway Announces Chief Pit Steward

Pueblo, CO March 24, 2017– I25 Speedway makes appointments to key positions.

Michael Lippincott, General Manager to I25 Speedway has announced the

2017 Race Operation Officials, and key position changes.

The appointment and hiring of our Chief Pit Steward has been given much emphasis in finding the right, professional individual, for the position, says, “ Michael Lippincott I25 Speedway GM.” Chris Cullen, I25 Speedway Owner, said, “he not only agrees,” but stated, “this is an important, strategic, position in our weekly series.” “The drivers need someone they can communicate with, and our track operations officials needs a team player,” said, Cullen.

“I’m very pleased to announce that Ron Howard will take control of our pit office,” stated Michael Lippincott. Lippincott, went on to say, “Ron has been around racing and I25 Speedway at Beacon Hill for decades. Ron started back some 25yrs ago, as Security, staging, and then onto the Chief Pit Steward position for 10yrs. He had briefly stepped aside for family time like some us have, for the last decade.” Ron eventually meet his lovely wife, Lisa at the facilities.

“Consistency and respect are the keys to success for any race series,” said Lippincott. “If you don’t know Ron, make it a point to do so, Ron is an upstanding, individual who will treat you all equal and with fairness.” Lippincott also announced that there are changes in other strategic positions within track operations. Rick Sterkel has moved into the Head Flagman position, after 3 yrs. in corner 2. Rick has also been a driver at I25 Speedway, and has taken this position with much awareness in the need to control the surface. Mike Hall will resume the Asst. Flagman spot where he’s been for over 15yrs. Corner 2 flagperson will have a new face Katie Finn, in the overhead perch. Changes also have been made in corner 4 flagman position, and will now have Steven Harp whom also has been with I25 previous yrs. Taking control of the radio spotters will be past Mini Stock driver and announcer Brandon Hagen. Ken Savage our NASCAR Ambassador will join Head Tech Official Brent VerVaecke on the Tech pad. Amy Sais has been moved to head scorer, Amy too has been in several tower positions and can handle the task of points and event scoring. Lisa Howard will finish off the staff and take over the score board. “I’m very pleased to announce our Professional NASCAR Official’s,” Lippincott said. I25 Speedway, “The FASTEST Asphalt 1/4mi. Oval In The West.” Thunder in the Rockies.

Immediate Releases

Congratulations and well deserved to our very own Beck Bechtelheimer, being inducted to the Colorado Motorsports Hall Of Fame 2017 recipient the Jerry Van Dyke Award Racing has been a nearly life long passion for M. L. “Beck” Bechtelheimer, just “Beck” to all who knew him, friends and business relationships. Having lived in Colorado Springs for more than 70 years, his professional career was sales. He spent a number of years in retail sales selling appliances, electronics and furniture. He then went to work for Woolco Dept. Stores moving from sales to department manager and on to regional supervisor for the appliance and electronic departments in Woolco Stores in a 4 state area. Then his sales experience put him into multiple state wholesaling in the tourist trade market until his retirement. “Beck's attachment to auto racing began as a spectator at a small paved oval east of Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak Speedway was host to the old favorite 5 window coupes of the 1930's plus a collection of other revamped stock cars. That track closed in the late 1950s A new promoter entered the local racing scene and “Beck” was asked to be a racing judge at the reopening of Pikes Peak Speedway in 1962. He was thrilled at being able to watch the races from the best seat in the stadium and helping management to know who finished where for the nights payout. But one night in the middle of the season the track owner came to the announce booth inquiring as to where the announcer was, it was time for the anthem. No one had an answer, so the microphone was slid under “Beck;s” nose and was told ,YOU DO IT! Now announcing was the last thing he had in mind. He did not have driver profiles or sponsor info or anything other that what he had learned from the few races he had judged. But “Beck” wrapped his hand around that mike and with a very nervous and timid voice he began to speak. Now more than fifty years later and hundreds and hundred of races and literally thousands of introductions, Beck still has his hand wrapped around a microphone as he gives play by play and lap by lap coverage to the delight of drivers and fans alike. This has been his focus and passion at a race track in southern Colorado. Pikes Peak Speedway from 1962-1976, Colorado Springs International Speedway from 1977 until its closure in 1985, Beacon Hill Speedway from 1970 to 1995, at which time He thought he might retire. But Wait! There is another form of racing in “Beck's” career. Hill Climbing. He started his 39 year career doing color for Bill Finch at KVOR. And he remained on the “Climb to the Clouds” for nearly 4 decades. Now is it time to call it quits. No. A phone call from Alan Davis , the son of a race car driver at P.P. Speedway was calling, wanting an announcer for his new racing plans for El Paso County Speedway at the County Fairgrounds. He also thought he might obtain some advice and track knowledge from someone with a lot of race track experience. He jumped at the opportunity. This gig lasted 8 years. Through 2014. Then a new promoter received the contract for the Fairgrounds. Ah, finally, retirement. Not so fast! Another phone call from I-25 Speedway (used to be Beacon Hill Speedway). A new promoter was taking control of the Nascar Home Track. Remember he had retired from Beacon Hill over twenty years before this phone call. He was asked if he would be interested in returning to the southern Colorado Track to help in bringing racing interest back to the old Beacon Hill but the new Nascar I-25 racetrack. Surprised, humbled and somewhat confused on what was happening he asked when do you need me? “Beck is looking forward to the 2017 racing season as their announcer Over the last 50+ plus years he has done lap by lap coverage for drag racing, mud drags, motocross,off road and oval racing, hill climbing and he was teamed up with Hall of Fame recipient Jerry Vandyke as they covered the inaugural races at PPIR.


2017 Driver Registration & Profile


Thank You for your dedication, and support at I25 Speedway!!

2016 Grand Champions!!

Track Synopsis

I-25 Speedway is an over-sized 1/4 mile, high banked paved oval race track located along the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

The facility is full-service with state of the art lighting, paved handicap access, souveniers, great food, beer, family entertainment and more!

I-25 Speedway anchored itself in auto racing many decades ago as one of the formative short tracks in the country. The speedway has evolved and the tradition continues with fast 325' straightaways and high-banked turns capable of blistering speeds. The wide, smooth surface and progressive banking provide the most exciting door-to-door competition around.

Several divisions compete on a regular basis from May-Oct on Saturday nights at I-25 Speedway including; Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Legends, Super Modifieds and Vintage Racers.

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