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Sept 13, 2014 -Track champions decided.

Super Late Model - Dan Alamaa

Grand American Modified - Dan Alamaa

Sportsman - Ryan O'Lear

Street Stock - Bill Simmons

Mini Stock - Mike Simpson

Hornet - Stacee Payne

Bandolero - C.J. Wilson

More info and other results to follow... stay tuned.

Sept 9, 2014 -Two champions decided by Mike Bible

Mike Simpson was able to seal the deal to take home the 2014 Mini Stock Championship! It was a close points battle between Simpson, Trampus Deutsch who finished 2nd in the standings and Mark Delaney who placed 3rd in points. All of these drivers faced more than a little adversity during the season. Remember that back in early July a rare crash in qualifying took out both Simpson and Delaney. Trampus Deutsch sadly was forced to miss some racing after the unfortunate passing of his Mother in late June. Congratulations to all of these drivers and their supporters for their tenacity and dedication.

Stacee Payne is officially the 2014 Hornet Champion. Stacee flat dominated the competition in the early part of the season with four main event wins. Along with that and her steady strong finishes, Payne brought the title home in her rookie year! Pat O’Lear finished second in standings. Also a rookie, Pat trailed Payne in points but impressively racked up six quick times and four trophy dash wins this season. Keegan Willy finished in 3rd for the year, only ten points behind O’Lear.


Results / Standings are now posted.

Sept 3, 2014 - Vincent Giesegh wins the Hornet 20/20 by Mike B

The Hornet division started their main event running in the wrong (clockwise) direction for the first 20 lap segment. Then the "competition caution" flew at the halfway point, the cars were re lined up and the race resumed in the conventional counter-clockwise direction for the final 20 lap segment. The racing was action packed in both segments.  The #2x of Larry Lehman was off on a road trip as he maneuvered his way to the front. Lehman had a stable lead when he and a car he was lapping got together, sending Lehman to the rear of the field on the restart. Ultimately, it was the #2 of Vincent Giesegh who drove a good race all the way to victory lane. Andrew Fisher and Pat O’Lear also drove hard and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively while Lehman salvaged his night with a 4th place finish. Keegan Willy rounded out the top five with her 5th place finish.

Click on the "Results" tab to see all of the other division finishes and winners.

Results / Standings are now posted.

Aug 26, 2014 - Points Update

Points have been corrected from the Aug. 16th race.

Aug 15, 2014 - NO Figure 8's this Saturday

Unfortunately, the Figure 8 drivers will not have enough operable racecars to compete at I-25 Speedway this Saturday. However,all of your local divisions compete as the points battles heat up. Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and Hornets.

Only Regular event pricing will be in effect.
Main Gate opens at 4:00pm. Racing starts at 6:00pm

Aug 13, 2014 - Points Update

The error in the calculation of Mini Stock points has been corrected and is posted.

Aug 12, 2014 - Grand American Modified 100 Recap-by Mike B

Dan Alamaa shows the way…
In a points-battle that is intense and heating up every week, Dan Alamaa pulled out a very welcomed win in the 100 lap Grand American Modified feature.  Going in to the 100 lapper, Alamaa had just 6 points over Aaron Paulsen and 10 points over Blane Lujan. Alamaa’s win gives him a small window of breathing room (14 Points) over hard-charging Paulsen.

Quick time qualifier Aaron Paulsen had the option of starting from dead last to take a $300 bonus if he wins from the back. Paulsen took the calculated gamble but to no avail. Alamaa started deep in the field. As the green flew, it was a few laps before Alamaa had worked his way in to the top five. An early red flag incident resulted in an unfortunate end of the night for contender Kyle Rayburn. The race restarted at lap 14 With Zach Fortner, Blane Lujan, and Dean Olson at the front. Soon after, Alamaa gained the lead working the inside and outside grooves. Lapped traffic again proved a factor as many drivers struggled to clear them throughout the race.  Paulsen was charging to the front as was Jeff Larsen Jr.  Dean Olson stalked Alamaa all the way to the end but would settle for an impressive 2nd place finish. Jeff Larsen Jr. brought home 3rd, Aaron Paulsen a hard-fought 4th and Newt Lujan Sr. a solid 5th spot finish.

Al Gant Memorial – Mini Stock Twin 41’s
Joe Gant, Grandson of I-25 Speedway icon Al Gant wins the first 41 lap twin main event of the evening.  Congratulations to entire Gant Family on the popular win.
Previous track champ Jared Schaller started deep in field and took the checkered flags in the hard-fought second 41 lap main event.


Sportsman - Montie Paulsen wins her second main event this season and begins to put some pressure on points-leader Ryan O'Lear.

View all of the division race results and points standings by clicking on the "Results" tab above.

Results / Standings are now posted.

Aug 7, 2014 - Grand American Modified 100 this Saturday

The Grand American Modifieds hit I-25 Speedway’s high banks this Saturday August 9th for a 100 lap main event. Only 20 points separate the top three of Alamaa, Paulsen and B. Lujan. Not just valuable points are on the line but so is a big payday.
The Mini Stocks will race twin 41 lap main events in honor of Al Gant. The Sportsman cars will be on hand as well as the popular Street Drags. So, if you want to make a dash for the cash with other street cars, just bring your helmet, license and registration.
Main gate opens at 4:00pm Racing starts at 6:00pm- see ya’ there!

Aug 6, 2014

The track will be open for practice this Friday Aug 8th from 4:00pm until dark. $25 / car. Tires and fuel will be available.

Aug 5, 2014

Results / Standings are now posted.

Aug 4, 2014 - Jim Sikes Jr. wins the Super Late Model 100 -by Mike B

This Super Late Model 100 lap main event rivaled just about any other SLM main in terms of excitement and good, hard racing. The random flip of the coin dictated the starting line-up before the race began which placed Rick McComb on the pole alongside of L.J. Crossey.  Within a few laps, the #83 of Jim Sikes Jr. motored his way to the front. With his sights set on catching the leader, Aaron Paulsen #84 took to the high side and blew past car after car and captured the 2nd spot early on. Dan Alamaa #28 did the same and made his way to the 4th spot. George Maldonado Jr. spins on lap 16 bringing out one of the handful of cautions in this 100 lap race.  The lap 21 restart placed Sikes, Paulsen and Alamaa in the top 3 spots.  With a long way to go all of the drivers were looking for that big $2500.00 winners check.  With the top 3 drivers pacing and accessing each other, the battles behind them were also intense.  The racing action grew to a more intense level as the leaders again approached lap traffic. The lapped cars received the move-over flag but were bunched up along the width of the track making it extremely dicey for the leaders to find their way around them. Alamaa expertly picked his way around the lapped cars, briefly battling for the lead but just shortly after fell victim to the bottle-neck getting in to the back of lapped car #16 Mark Willy causing a caution at lap 38. Ultimately, Alamaa returned to the track but the damage done to the car didn’t allow him to compete for the win.  The race restarted and leaders Sikes and Paulsen ran nose to tail for several more laps, patiently watching each other and waiting to make the final stretch run for a great finish. As the battle devolved among the leaders, the lapped #16 car again became an issue, this time it cost 2nd place runner Paulsen valuable time while he was battling for the lead. Paulsen ran the tires off his car trying to catch the #83 but Sikes Jr. poured out all his car could and drove to victory in the 2014 Super Late Model 100.

Shelby Cortese drove her way to her 1st Street Stock main event win. The crowd erupted after the thrilling finish.

View all of the division race results and points standings by clicking on the "Results" tab above.

July 30, 2014 - Super Late Model 100 ! -by MB

The best Super Late Model drivers from around the region hit the high banks of I-25 Speedway this Saturday, August 2nd for their second attempt at the 100 lap main event.  The SLM drivers and track management have worked together to bring this exciting event to you at regular ticket prices. This race pays a big purse, $2500.00 to win. You can bet that the racing will be intense as the best SLM drivers battle it out. The Mod Coupes will be here as well!  Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and Hornets round out the event.
The main gate opens at 4:00pm and racing starts at 6:00pm.

July 28, 2014 - Recap of July 26th -by MB

It was another one of those southern Colorado summer evenings where the weather was unsure of what it wanted to do. After a touch of rain and a small delay the racing was on for the rest of the night. Everyone in attendance were treated to a great night of fun and racing action.

16 hard-charging Legend cars from around the region took the green flag for the main event. Always a favorite division among the fans, this main event seemed to have even more extra spark from the beginning. The front row consisted of the #37 Josh Richards on the pole and #34 Chris Cooper outside. The eventual race winner, #66 Kyle Clegg would start in the seventh spot. The green flag flew; from front to back the drivers were focused. The #37 had an early lead and held his ground but it wasn’t long after that battle for the lead heated up. Clegg moved up as did several other drivers by lap 5. A few caution flags flew, one of them involved the #06 of Mike Gallegos. Gallegos raced back from the back of the pack to a 3rd place finish. Ultimately, it was Kyle Clegg that took the checkered flag. In his post-race interview with track announcer Alan Fox, Kyle mentioned how much he loves racing at I-25 Speedway and offered support and admiration to injured I-25 Speedway racer Danny Medina.

Eric Bowers takes his first GAM win. The #42 of Bowers started on the outside front row with plenty of hard-chargers behind him. The #8 Of Dan Alamaa (starting 6th) began charging on the outside,  taking spot after spot with #84 Aaron Paulsen (starting 8th) using the high line with him.  Alamaa and Paulsen were doing their best to reel-in Bowers but somehow weren’t able to do so. Alamaa suffered a powertrain issue and was unable to continue.  Eric Bowers took 1st place, Aaron Paulsen 2nd and a very good showing for Del Trantham bring home the 3rd spot.

View all of the division race results and points standings by clicking on the "Results" tab above.

Results / Standings are now posted.

July 24, 2014 - Schedule changes

Remember that the Super Late Model 100 will be August 2nd.

The big Mini Stock race had been changed from Aug 2nd to Aug 9th and will be Twin 41 lap main events in honor of Al Gant. This will be a double purse payout for Mini Stocks.

The V-8 Figure 8's will be back on Aug 16th!

The schedule had been updated to reflect the above changes.

July 23, 2014 - Recap of Sportsman Showdown -by MB
The #32 of Joseph “L.J.” Andrade returned to I-25 Speedway in fine fashion winning the “Snap-On Team Diaz Sportsman Showdown”.


Andrade started the race in the second row, outside of points leader Ryan O’Lear.  The start of the race favored the inside line, led by the #19 of Kimmler which shuffled the outside line scrambling. At just lap five of the long 50 lap race, Andrade took to the high side passing car after car. By lap ten the top three were Kimmler, O’Lear and Andrade.  Andrade, still committed to the high side soon makes his way around the #16 and battles the #19 for the lead but lapped traffic became a factor and sends Andrade back to the 3rd spot. Kimmler developed a fairly substantial lead while the rest of the field was battling it out. There were no harder fought battles then the one developing between O’Lear and Andrade.  Kimmler led several laps but suffered engine failure around lap 35. The restart placed O’Lear and Andrade in position for battle. The question was did Andrade have enough grip left in his tires after running over 30 laps on the outside groove to get around O’Lear?  With less than 10 laps left at the restart the green flag was thrown.  Both drivers drove hard heading for turn one but O’Lear was not able to hold off Andrade on the inside as “L.J.” took the lead and won an exciting race.

John Fortner found himself winning the first of the two Grand American Modified main events while Aaron Paulsen took home another GAM win.

July 13, 2014 -July 19th event -by MB

This Saturday, July 19th, Snap-On Team Diaz Dealers present the “Sportsman Showdown”.  The field of local and regional Sportsman drivers compete in the 50 lap showdown at the high-banks of I-25 Speedway to show what they have!  At this point it’s a $1050 to win purse! I-25 Speedway is paying a purse and a half to accompany efforts by Team Diaz Snap-On. Team Caudle Remodel will pay $125 for Quick Time and various sponsors which include an extra $100 for leading at halfway. 

The Sportsman division has proved to be amazingly competitive this season. This race draws racers from around the region to add to the excitement.
Just to add to this action packed event, the Grand American Modifieds will race two 30-lap main events. Street Stocks and Hornets duke it out too. Street Drags are on as well. Bring your helmet, your ride and registration and dash for the cash!!!

Can you imagine a better Saturday night? And it’s all at regular event ticket prices… $10 Adults,  $5 4-12 yrs, under 4yrs free!

July 13, 2014 - Rain shortens event -by MB
As racers and fans from all over the region were on hand, many who have been here for days, every attempt to put on a great show was made.
All the ingredients were there… lots of cars, talented drivers and excitement. However, mother nature didn’t quite get the memo.  To not at least try to run the event with an odd/even chance of rain would have been a disservice to all the fans and drivers who had planned on this event for months. So, try and try we did but the persistent rain that everyone thought was done ensued and continued for hours after the race was called.
Thankfully, all of the trophy dashes and heats were completed, where we got to see lots of exiting racing by every car and driver in attendance. The rain would not let up and the track was clearly “lost” after the halfway point which did make it an officially “complete event” (No Rain checks).
Even with the event “in the books” and being a completed race , for your appreciation we have added the Super Late Model 100 to the August 2nd event at only regular event ticket price.

"Fast Cars and Fireworks" sets new standard. By Mike Bible

From the presentation of the colors to the grand finale of the fireworks, the fans in attendance were treated to what was possibly the best Independence Day celebration in southern Colorado.

With the grandstands filled nearly to capacity, the opening ceremony brought a special surprise.  As the national anthem played, four skydivers made their way from over 4,000 feet above the track making their descent and landing in the infield for all to see. The skilled jumpers from “Skydive Colorado” in Canon City made a truly amazing entry in to the speedway.  The final of the four jumpers, Jim Cullen, flew a huge American flag behind him presenting the colors to the event in style.

The fireworks show at the conclusion of the race event rivaled any other professionally produced show around and was surely awe inspiring. The crowd erupted in appreciation and patriotism as the grand finale lit up the sky of the speedway.

There were plenty of fireworks and heated battles on the track as well.  Dan Alamaa took his #8 Grand American Modified from deep in the field to a dominating win in the 30 lap GAM main event. There was plenty of bumping and banging that carried on from previous races within the field but veteran driver Alamaa overtook every position with determination and he did it without incident giving the fans what they came for… great racing.  After an early race caution and restart Alamaa committed to the high side and made it work. Several other cars attempted to follow but only a few were able to make it stick. Jeff Larsen Jr. was able to run the high line but also fell victim some laps later as the #47 tried again to take more real-estate than was available from the #81 at lap 15. Both drivers kept their momentum, positions and no caution flag was needed.  At the checkers Alamaa wins. It was a great finish by A.J. Morse and returning champ Jeff Larsen Jr. as well.

CORRECTION - As previously announced and reported, Kyle Ray (Super Mod #58 and former Legend car driver) does not hold the track record for the Midget division. In fact, Kyle Rayburn #99 (2013 GAM rookie of the year) still holds that record at a blistering 11.861 seconds in his #99 Midget since 2007. Despite the similarities in their names, we look forward to watching both talented drivers race at I-25 Speedway in their respective divisions for years to come. Apologies to both drivers. - staff

June 27, 2014

This weekend the Super Late Models return and continue where they left off.  #28 Dan Alamaa, a previous track champion, is in the points lead while the defending track champ Aaron Paulsen is right behind him in the standings for the lead. It’s anyone’s race this weekend as this division has had some time off to prep and dial-in their racing machines.
The Sportsman cars will be back and ready to take the green.  Ryan O’Lear has won the last three main events this season putting O’Lear in the points lead. I wouldn’t count out any of the Sportsman drivers to race hard for the win this week.
Can James Larsen win back-to-back mains in his #82 Street Stock? Will Mark Delaney hold on to his points lead?
The Colorado Vintage Auto Racers will be on hand for a fantastic exhibition of nostalgia.
Come on out and enjoy! Grandstands open at 4:00pm – Racing starts around 6:00pm.

June 26, 2014

Kyle Ray takes the win. A full field of Super Modifieds arrived at I-25 Speedway and whoa was it a show to see! Kyle Ray was a bit better than favorites such as Rich Castor Jr. and Harold Evans who have tons of experience in Super Mods. However, Kyle Ray has experienced many laps and races at the tricky and fast high-banks of I-25 Speedway before in his Midget and Legend car. [correction noted: Kyle Rayburn holds the current I-25 Speedway track record in the Midget division]. It was great racing from all of these skilled drivers from start to finish. Three-wide racing brought everyone to their feet watching the skill of the drivers and the ground-pounding race cars.

Aaron Paulsen returns to victory lane for his first Grand American Modified main event win in 2014. The #84 crew struggled with the car early on but eventually found something that worked. John Fortner raced hard for a 2nd place finish in the main. Blane Lujan, Dan Alamaa and Newt Lujan rounded out the top five main event finishers.

Ryan O’Lear won his 3rd straight Sportsman main event but with some amount of controversy. A pass in turn 3 under Mike Hurst left many contemplating the move. Track officials deemed the pass to be legal. Hornet driver Stacee Payne won another main event and it looks like there are many more to come for that team.

Results / Standings are now posted.

June 19, 2014 -Mod Madness is this Saturday!

It’s “Mod Madness” at I-25 Speedway this Saturday night June 21st. The ERA Super Modifieds and CARC Mod Coupes from around the region will invade Colorado’s favorite short track. The Grand American Modifieds are sure to thrill along with the Sportsman cars, Charger Figure 8’s and Hornets. You won’t want to miss this event as it is the only scheduled appearance for the ground-pounding Super Modifieds at the high banks of I-25 Speedway this season. The gate opens at 4:00pm and the green flag drops around 6:00pm.

The intense racing in the Grand American Modified division is sure to continue on this weekend. Only 9 points separate the top 6 GAM cars. Blane Lujan currently leads the points while Newt Lujan is a mere 1 point behind him in the 2nd spot. Last season’s rookie of the year, Kyle Rayburn, won his first main event last week which moved him in to a tie with veteran Dan Alamaa for the 5th spot. Aaron Paulsen is right in the middle of this mix and is currently in the 3rd spot in points.

In the V-8 Figure 8 main event it was #03 Luke Zike who crossed the finish line first. He and the #17 of Harry Livermore Jr. battled the #10 Frankenstein in the front of the pack for several laps until Frankenstein, well… fell apart. There was lots of good “in the X” action throughout the night. - mb


June 18, 2014

Results / Standings are now posted.

June 13, 2014

Kick off Father's Day weekend the right way this Saturday June 14th at I-25 Speedway. We're featuring the big V-8 Figure 8 cars, Street Stock 40 lapper, Grand American Mods, Mini Stocks, Hornets and Street Drags!
Gates open at 4:00 pm, Racing starts around 6:00 pm.

June 11, 2014 -Recap of June 7th

Charger Figure 8-  #7 Chuck Gardner split the leaders with just a few laps to go at the X. Allowing the #21 of Andrew Fisher to overtake #15 Sean Frank for the exciting win. Frank and Fisher came from deep in the field and battled hard all race long.  All of the drivers put on a great show for the fans.
Super Late Models -   Early in the race the two champions, #28 Dan Alamaa and #84 Aaron Paulsen separated themselves from the others with Paulsen in the lead. Alamaa took his time with what could only be described as a rocket ship for a race car under him. After several laps of Alamaa looking to pass on the outside of Paulsen, Alamaa went to the high side in turn one then dropped low coming out of turn two overtaking Paulsen for his well-deserved win.  
Legends-    The Legends cars did not disappoint the race fans.  The slew of these quick and accurate drivers rallied their way around the speedway.  #3 Wayne Barlock swept the night with Quick Time, Dash win and his Main Event win.
Sportsman -. The #16 of Ryan O’Lear ultimately took the checkered flag in the very eventful 25 Lap Sportsman main event which was definitely not without incident.  More than a few cautions flags few while the racing became aggressive. George Burke in the #91 led the early part of the show and was pressured all the way to the end. O’lear was fast and patient enough to take advantage of what was happening in front of him and brought home his second straight Main Event win in 2014.
Mini Stock- The #12 of Mike Simpson took the checkerds at the end and wow was it a great race to see.  All of the drivers battled it out every lap but the last lap was indeed the best.  On the final lap, going for the lead, #51 of Mark Delaney got into the left rear of Mike Simpson coming out of turn four coming to the finish line which spun Simpson before he could cross the finish line. Immediately, and impressively, Delaney acknowledged his error and attempted to surrender the spot back to Simpson. As Mike Simpson drove to victory lane, in the true spirit of racing and sportsmanship Delaney gave a huge thumbs-up to Simpson the race winner.   
Other Divisions- Hornet rookie Stacee Payne won her first race ever which happened to be the Hornet Main Event.  Congrats to Stacee.  C.J. Wilson took his Bandolero and swept the night winning the Main Event and taking Quick Time. Look out for this kid in the future.

June 6, 2014

Come on out this Saturday to I-25 Speedway. Exit 108 just north of Pueblo. 
The Legend cars make their 2014 debut. Also running will be the Super Late Models, Sportsmans, Mini Stocks, Charger Figure 8's, Hornets and Bandoleros.
Racing starts around 6:00 pm.

June 3, 2014

Results / Standings are now posted.

May 29, 2014 - GAM 50 Lapper added this Weekend

As if you needed another reason to come to I-25 Speedway this Saturday, May 31st the Grand American Modifieds will race a 50 Lap main event for double points! Remember that the CARC Mod Coupes make their 1st appearance of 2014 at southern Colorado's favorite speedway as well. Races start around 6:00 pm. See ya' there!

May 28, 2014 - Mod Coupes Return to I-25 Speedway - mb

The CARC Modified Coupes return to I-25 Speedway this Saturday May 31st 2014. Along with home divisions: Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Street  Stocks and Hornets, the popular Street Drags round out the wild racing action this Saturday.

The weather looks much better for this week than it did last week. The speedway was hit hard last Friday night with torrential rain which left the surface saturated and the infield as a grassy swamp.  Because of that, and the promise of a storm, that did let loose around 6:00pm that brought large rain and frigid winds to northern Pueblo County, last week was cancelled.

RECAP of:The season opener, held on May 17th was full of intense battles and great racing that we can expect to see all season long. Doing double duty, racing his Super Late Model and Grand American Modified, Dan Alamaa took quick time in both divisions. Alamaa, a previous track champion showed his class and skill winning the Super Late Model main event. Also doing double duty was Aaron Paulsen who won the trophy dash in his Super Late Model.
A familiar face we haven’t seen in a while was the Grand American Modified driver of #47 Newt Lujan. Newt won the GAM main event with a commanding lead at first even though the #99 of Kyle Rayburn was gaining on him in the final laps. Five more laps of that race may very well have had a different outcome.  The drivers put on a great show for the win.  Aaron Paulsen, Dan Alamaa and Blane Lujan rounded out the top five in the exciting GAM main event.
Ryan O’Lear commanded his win of the Sportsman division. Gary Cortese won both the trophy dash and main event in the Street Stocks.  Mark Delaney won the Mini Stock main and Chuck Gardner won the Hornet main event.

May 24, 2014 - Rain Out

ATTN ALL: The races for May 24th 2014 have been cancelled due to inclement weather.

May 22, 2014 -

Results / Standings are now posted.

May 11, 2014 - SEASON OPENER

It’s that time Race Fans! The thunder of roaring engines returns to I-25 Speedway. Strap in and hang on as the 2014 race season begins this Saturday May 17th 2014. You won't want to miss the exciting beginning of the 2014 season!

Along with all of your favorite drivers, be prepared for many new faces… as well as some you haven’t seen in a while.

All of the I-25 Speedway home divisions start off this 2014 season for you in the same night! The Grandstands open at 4:00 pm and racing begins at 6:00. -mb

March 2, 2014 -

PRE SEASON PRACTICE will be held on April 19th, April 26th, May 3rd, May10th. From 10:00am - 4:00pm. Cost is $20 per person.

WEDNESDAY HOTLAPPING will begin May 21st and continue throughout the season (none at state fair break) from 4:00pm until dark. Cost is $25 per car.

March 1, 2014 - 2014 Schedule

The official 2014 I-25 Speedway racing schedule has now been posted.

Oct 8, 2013 - Aaron Paulsen makes history at I-25 Speedway by MB.

Pueblo, CO  (October 8, 2013) I-25 Speedway, previously operated as “Beacon Hill Speedway” until 2002, has been running races since the mid 1960’s. Much history has been made at the iconic ¼ mile southern Colorado bullring throughout its 50 years of exciting short track racing. The speedway has been home to some of the most winning stock car drivers in history and hosted some legendary names. In 1992 Davey Hamilton crowned it as the “worlds fastest ¼ mile paved oval” in his unlimited Super Modified.

The latest addition to the history books shines a spotlight on driver Aaron Paulsen. To preface the achievement, Paulsen has accomplished what no driver has done before. There’s not even a term for it yet… we’ll call it the “three-peat trifecta”. See, not only has Aaron Paulsen won the Grand American Modified championship for three years in a row, 2011-2012-2013, but this season he also captured the 2013 championship in three separate classes; Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds and the Sportsman division.

Paulsen has competed week-in and week-out with over 50 different drivers during the 2013 season. Several of those drivers are past track champions, regional champs and touring drivers.

Having followed this story since March of 2013, I can tell you that this achievement of Paulsen’s was completely unforeseen and unplanned. The fact that Aaron would be running three divisions was indeed unforeseen. Aaron’s Grandfather Fred Wisthoff, the car owner of Aaron’s #84 Super Late Model and #84 Grand American Modified, was emphatic early on that the Modified was the priority and the SLM would be ran on a week to week basis. Adding to that, the #11 Sportsman that Aaron owns had previously been the ride of Paulsen’s wife Montie. When she came down with a case of “bun in the oven” the future of the #11 car was in question. Due to his wife’s pregnancy, Aaron decided he would wheel it himself only in off weekends.
Holding true to their plan (sort of), the crew brought all of their cars to the track when scheduled for a race but were willing to park the Sportsman and/ or Super Late Model if needed.

The “three-peat trifecta” achieved by Paulsen is proof of a philosophy.  The philosophy of Paulsen’s team, from the beginning, placed little emphasis on points battles. The priority was preparation, finish well and have fun… the rest will take care of itself. To me, the most notable of these is preparation.  The devil is in the details, right?

While on the track Aaron often makes winning look easy, even when starting deep in the field as he has had to do many times this season. Aaron is the first guy to give credit to his dedicated crew and family, whose preparation and efforts make it all possible. Winning isn’t easy and neither are the long hours Aaron and his crew spend during the week to prepare their cars. They do know however, that though it may not be easy, there’s no reason that it can’t be fun.

Paulsen’s impressive 2013 accomplishments include: 20 Quick Times, 8 Trophy Dash wins, and 16 Main Event wins. Not to stop there, Aaron is a fine champion and a class act; he is always quick to give thanks to the fans, his family, his crew and his sponsors. -mb

Oct 8, 2013 - Final Points Released

The final points have been corrected and are now available.

Sept 23, 2013 - FUN DAY ay I-25 Speedway - This Saturday

This Saturday September 28th is fun day for all.

The track will open at 10:00a.m. there will be no admission fee.

Sept 21, 2013 - Final Points UNDER REVIEW -By Mike Bible

Due to scoring staff changes in the later part of the 2013 season the final results are in dispute.

At this point track manager Charlie Wilson and new head scorer Amy Wright are re-evaluating and re-calculating points for the entire season for every driver. Wilson stated, "Errors were made in the transition and I-25 Speedway is working fervently to rectify the points errors". Amy stated to me that she believes none of the errors will affect the 1st or 2nd place positions but it's quite possible that the latter positions could indeed change.

I'll keep on top of this issue and will post the revised points standings as soon as they are available.

Sept 16, 2013 -Season finale recap – By MB

Pueblo, CO- Sept 16, 2013 - The 2013 I-25 Speedway racing season ends with the same fervor and intensity in which it began. Historically, the finale is packed with intense racing. This event was no exception.

The Sportsman main event was won by Thomas Palmer in his #38 car. Adam Kimmler brought home 2nd place. Aaron Paulsen started dead last and worked his way up to finish 3rd to clinch his 2013 Sportsman Championship.

Cole Roberson won his 2nd main event of the season in the 40 lap Street Stock finale. Roberson had pressure at the start of the race and also at the end but he led from flag to flag. Brutal battles between #33 Gary Cortese and #93 Troy Lewis as well as #19 Shelby Cortese and points leader #4 Bill Simmons took place all night. Ryan McFadden #8 took a last lap/last corner run for 2nd position at the line and captures 2nd place. Bill Simmons wins his very first paved track championship.

The Grand American Modified final 2013 main event had everyone on their feet as the checkered flag flew. #18 Blane “Newt Jr.” Lujan eventually took the win but not without some serious racing between the green and checkers. Lujan was slated to start 5th in the field but due to the #5 of Dean Olson not being able to take the field, that moved him up one row.  The green flag flew and pole sitter Kyle Morse advanced the inside line while it was double file behind the 3rd place car with everyone looking for the best position.  Dan Alamaa (starting 9th) began to pick off cars as did Jeff Larsen Jr (starting 7th) and Aaron Paulsen who started at the rear of the field.  Around lap 5 Lujan Jr. takes the lead from Morse and begins to open the gap on the rest of the field.  Lap 10 had Lujan Jr., Morse, Frick, Rayburn, Z. Fortner, Larsen Jr., Alamaa, G. Simpson, Paulsen, J. Fortner, Schaller, Maldonado as the top 12 lineup, the racing was intense.  Paulsen looks to the outside of Grant Simpson in turn one at lap 13 but Simpson gets in to Alamaa before Paulsen can complete his pass. They don’t spin yet but it forces them to go three-wide along the back straight where the #84 & #8 attempt to get around the #31 of Simpson. The result is a caution as Alamaa spun due to a flat tire. Paulsen, also suffering a flat from the incident and Alamaa were forced to pit and returned at the rear of the field for the restart. The race restarted with Lujan still leading. At lap 15 another caution flew as Grant Simpson and Jared Schaller got together which ruffled many a feather.  Previous track champ Dan Alamaa suffered more bad luck this season eventually resulting in an unfortunate DNF. The race restarted and what took place was one of the finest examples of racecar control that I’ve seen in many years, as Aaron Paulsen passed 5 cars on the outside in just 2 laps. That put Paulsen back in to win contention, reeling in Larsen Jr. and race leader Lujan Jr..  As the final laps approached, Lujan Jr., with two past track champs breathing down his neck, was forced to deal with lapped traffic of #66. Lujan chose the inside line in turn 3 where the lapped car was running and got in to his rear bumper causing the #66 to spin. Robert Arnold, the head flagman, did not display the caution flag. Jeff Larsen Jr. made a final move at the white flag to overtake Lujan, but to no avail. Aaron Paulsen wins the 2013 Grand American Modified championship.

I’ll sum up a few additional things that took place this simple way. I think it applies to everyone…
“...if someone else does the wrong thing we are not exempt from doing what’s right.” - A wise man

Sept 12, 2013 -Season finale historic?

Sept 14th is Championship night at I-25 Speedway!  Last weekend Aaron Paulsen captured the 2013 Super Late Model track championship. Daniel Payne sealed his championship for 2013 in the Mini-Stocks. Congratulations to them!

This week the Grand American Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Charger Figure 8’s and Hornets will crown their champs. The fan favorite Legends will be on hand as well as the Bandoleros.

The points battles are intense in every division but this event may indeed be quite historical. The reason… no driver in the long history of I-25 Speedway has won three separate championships in the same year. Not only is Aaron Paulsen on track to do this but he is also positioned for his three-peat championship in the Grand American Modifieds. That’s right, back to back to back in the toughest division at I-25 Speedway!

Anything can happen, so get there early for the best seat!

Sept 11, 2013 - Points Standings Corrected.

There were a few errors in the points standings calculations for last week. Track scoring staff has corrected those issues and the updated points standings are now posted.

Sept 10, 2013 -Results/Standings posted.

Throughout Sept 7th's race event several Grand American Modifieds were asked to come to the tech area by officals for issues relating to future tech rules and procedures. There were no instances or penalties in the GAM division of a driver returning to their pit prior to a mandatory tech inspection.

Sept 6, 2013 -Racing resumes at I-25 Speedway.

Sept 7th is the first of the final two race events of 2013 at I-25 Speedway. We have all been anxiously aware of the tight points battles awaiting the drivers after the brief Colorado State Fair break. 

So, here we are… The Super Late Models finalize their season,  the Mod Coupes make their last 2013 appearance, The Mini Stocks race their 40 lap championship main event and the Grand American Modifieds and Hornets set up for the follwoing Sept 14th finale. The Bandoleros and Street Drags are also on tap this week.

The points are close and the racing will be even closer and more intense in these final races.

Aug 23, 2013 -Results/Standings posted.

Aug 23, 2013 -Race Recap Aug 17th – By MB

Chad Cowen wins the Falcon Physical Therapy & Fitness Sportsman Challenge 50. The highlight Sportsman event of the season delivered some fierce racing from beginning to end. The #20 of Daniel Payne and #91 George Burke led the field as the green flag flew to start the race.  It got dicey early on while several drivers including #16 Ryan O’Lear took advantage of the inside line to establish their track position and strategy while the #1 of Dale Geist and the #5 of Trent Phillips searched for a chance to get in the inside groove. Nearing lap 15, the #11 car of points leader Aaron Paulsen makes a pass on the outside of O’Lear, Cowen taps O’Lear coming out of turn 4 which gets O’Lear a bit loose. Spots were shuffled back and forth for several subsequent laps; the #11, #76, #5 and #8 charging hard to the front of the field. At lap 21 Paulsen takes the lead from Payne on the outside, Cowen follows successfully. Lap 23 the caution flew due to an altercation between the #8 of Jeff Walbaum and #91 collecting the #5 of Phillips, sending the #8 to rear of the field at the restart. The lap 22 restart had the #11, #76, #20, #91 and #5 as the top 5. At the halfway point, Paulsen was the leader but it was obvious that Cowen had begun looking for a way around the #11, testing him in each corner, looking for a flaw or the slightest mistake as the next several laps are raced. A lapped car spins directly in front of the leaders causing a caution at lap 34 which changed the game plan for several drivers. With just 16 laps to go the race restarted with the #11 and #76 running nose to tail and the #5 began to reel in the leaders a bit more every lap. Back in the field the #8 car works his way up. With just 10 laps left, all eyes were back on the leaders as Cowen pursued Paulsen, looking for the right opportunity to pass. Cowen makes his move outside for the lead in turn 1 on lap 43, they cross the scoring line door to door as the caution flies again shortly after.  With 5 laps to go, the race restarted but rendered the #11 irrelevant in the final battle due to a cut tire. As the white flag flew the #8 overtook the #5 for a great 2nd place finish. What a great race to watch. Though the class rules differ, this impromptu invitational race wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the visiting racers and their teams, many traveling up to 400 miles to be at I-25 Speedway. Clearly, without the sportsmanship and support of our local racers and their sponsors help this race couldn’t have happened. Thanks to all!

Aaron Paulsen dominates the I-25 GAM 100. The current points leader and 2-time defending track champ Aaron Paulsen comes from dead last in the field to take the checkers after a furious 100 lap Grand American Modified main event.  A full field of mods lined up with favorites such as Paulsen,  Jeff Larsen Jr., Dan Alamaa and several others in the wings. Patience escaped some as suddenly the #5 of Dean-o Olson was 3-wide with the #90 of Johnson and the #66 of Maldonado on the inside in the first laps. Johnson wisely yielded position but soon after turn 3 got congested resulting in a bottle neck that collected the #8 of Alamaa and a few others deeper in the field. It may have been a “full Moon” event as many drivers described. Danny Concelman  led several laps but the field closed up by faster cars. Jeff Larsen Jr.  ended up in 5th after a few incidents that made him restart deep in the pack. Rookies Rayburn and Schaller took 3rd and 4th while John Fortner captured 2nd spot.  Paulsen has struggled in these long races at I-25 Speedway in the past but he and the #84 crew were on top of their game once again this week. What a great race... I can't wait for the next one.

Aug 21, 2013 - UPDATE

There will be NO HOT LAPPING this week (Wed Aug 21). It will resume next Wednesday Aug 27th.

The points posted for the Aug 17th event are incorrect. Track officials are correcting the issues. They will be updated and posted ASAP.

Aug 16, 2013 - A BIG race doubles everything...

This Saturday Aug 17th will be Double Points for all classes! Headliners are the Grand  American Modified 100 lapper , The Sportsman 50 Challenge with the Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and Hornets! Are you kidding me?! This is a race event nobody could miss.
The weather forecast looks amazing for a great night of door to door action. The points battles are as tight as could be and all drivers are willing to put it all on the line for a win.

Do NOT miss it, this could change everything!

Aug 14, 2013-Statement from track management.

After a long deliberation of track management, the decision was made to suspend two race teams after the events of Aug 10th. The suspension of the two teams will last throughout the remainder of the 2013 race season. The determining factor of the speedways decision was a result of actions that took place after an on track incident. These actions were deemed to be detrimental to the sport and the ruling was made by I-25 Speedway officials for the betterment of fans, racers and the sport of auto racing as a whole.

Aug 13, 2013-Double Points Night

August 17th will be Double Points for all classes!

Aug 12, 2013- Purse keeps growing for the Sportsman 50

Thanks to Falcon Physical Therapy & Fitness, the primary sponsor for the Sportsman Challenge 50 and additional support from a few new sponsors, the purse for that race has grown…a lot.  Boone Guest Home has jumped on board to help as well as Southside Fitness, All Star Roofing, JCB Mobile Repair and Aspen Mountain LLC.

The winner will take home a cool $800. But wait, there’s more…  Bonus money will be $200 for quick time, $100 for dash win, $100 for leader at halfway of the main and an additional $100 to anybody who sweeps the event (quick time, dash and main win). Adding it all up, if one driver dominates and takes it all, that’s a $1300 payday!

Special hot lapping will be open again this Friday Aug 16th from 5:00 pm till dark for all visiting Sportsman and GAM teams to take advantage of.  The cost is only $25 per car for this session.

Note for all racers, be sure to check the "News for Competitors" tab frequentyl.

Aug 12, 2013- Rain postpones the Grand American Modified 100

The drought-stricken plains of Colorado got a much needed rain shower Sat. Aug 10th. But it was to the dismay of racers and fans alike. Track officials intently monitored radar and several attempts were made to go on with the show.  The event was indeed a rain-out. Therefore, tickets and wristbands from Aug 10th will be be honored on Aug 17th which is the re-attempt at the “GAM 100” and “The Falcon Physical Therapy & Fitness Challenge” Sportsman 50 lapper.

Aug 11, 2013-Even more anticipation!

Upcoming: August 17th presents the 50 lap Sportsman main event which is sponsored by “Falcon Physical Therapy & Fitness”.  This military-veteran owned practice provides outpatient rehabilitation at 8 convenient locations in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Limon, Falcon and Calhan. Their service to our community is invaluable providing services such as:  Sports Medicine, Pre and post-op procedures, occupational therapy, amputee rehabilitation, Women’s health and much more.  Please visit www.falconpt.com for more information. We are proud to have them as member of our community and as a race sponsor of I-25 Speedway.

The Grand American Modified 100 is re-scheduled for August 17th as well. The anticipation keeps building to see who has the skills to top the iconic 100 lap GAM battle.

Aug 9, 2013-Anticipation builds for the GAM 100

The best of the best will be at I-25 Speedway on Aug 10th, 2013 for the 100 lap Grand American Modified feature. Adding to our local heroes, drivers from around the region will be on hand to battle for the win. The CARC Mod Coupes return to put on another exciting show as will the Sportsman, Mini Stocks and Charger Figure-8's!

You won't want to miss this one. See ya there. The green flag drops at approx 6:00 p.m.

Aug 5, 2013- Weekly news....

Upcoming, Plan on being at I-25 Speedway for this week’s Grand American Modified 100 lapper on Saturday, Aug 10th. Track staff are preparing for one of the best short track racing programs in the area! More info to come…

Race fans, keep those ticket stubs handy. Due to last week’s rain out, you can use them this week only for the Grand American Modified 100 to be held on August 10th. Keep in mind that the Aug 10th race is a special event in which adult tickets will priced at $14. So, just show us your ticket stub from Aug 3rd and pay just $4 admission for this week’s special event! Pit passes from Aug 3rd will be honored this week only as well.

Hot lapping will include an extra day this week. The track will be open on Friday, Aug 9th from 5:00 pm till dark in addition to the normal Wednesday sessions. The cost will be only $25 per car.

Colorado’s  Racers Reunion  will be held at Colorado National Speedway. The second day of the “Reunion” will be Sunday August 11, 2013 in the pit area of Colorado National Speedway. This will be a free event open to all Past, Present and Future drivers, pit crew, fans and anyone who just wants to see what’s going on. An open invitation will have been sent to as many racing organizations, car clubs, and motorcycle groups as possible with the idea to make this “A Gathering of the Clan.” Bring your car, photo albums, and your stories, meet the drivers, admire the cars and make this a day to remember. Speedway officials have made the track available for some low speed “Cruising” and will staff a concession stand for the convenience of the attendees.  The highly anticipated event will be a two day affair for 2013 with addition of the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame and the Colorado Vintage Oval Racers to the festivities. For Information: John Witthar 303 359-6026

Aug 4, 2013- Weather cancels exciting event.

Despite all optimism, a fast-moving weather cell from the northwest released its bounty all over the entirety of S.E. Colorado. The torrential downpour rendered the August 3rd event as “Rained Out”.

Don’t be disheartened … I-25 Speedway will host the best Grand American Modified race in the entire region this Saturday,  August 10th with the GAM 100 lap Main Event.

Aug 3, 2013- Super Late Models return...

Be there tonight when the Super Late Models return to I-25 Speedway. The Legends will also be racing hard along with the Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Charger Figure-8's and Bandoleros!

The points battles are ever so close and the racing is bound to be furious at this stage of the game!

See ya there. The green flag drops at approx 6:00 p.m.

July 29, 2013- Super Modified Shootout- By MB

The July 27th special event featured the ERA Super Modifieds and the Grand American Modified twin 30 lappers. The Hornet 40-lap main added even more racing action as did the Sportsmans,  Street Stocks and fan favorite Street Drags.

Rich Castor Jr. prevails on the high-banks. When the Super Modifieds hit the pavement of I-25 Speedway it’s an awesome thing.  The main event yielded a lineup of #1 Jason Castor on the pole followed by the #15 Josh Lewis , #51 Joe Priselac , #14 Joe Gallegos , #3 Harold Evans , #2 Rick Castor Jr. , #77 Bob Myer  and the #7 of Stevie Gallegos . When the green flag dropped the outside line showed to be faster as several cars overtook the inside line cars. The #15 of Josh Lewis took an early lead and began to stretch his lead out as the rest of the field battled. Castor Jr. (starting 6th) soon took the outside over #14 Joe Gallegos for the second spot and his chase was set for race leader Josh Lewis.  Lewis had nearly a half track lead on Castor Jr. but Rich used lapped traffic in his favor and closed that gap and passed the #15 for the lead within the next 12 laps. As the laps winded down Joe Priselac suffered mechanical issues and the #15 was right back on the rear bumper of Castor Jr. Despite efforts from Lewis to get around Castor Jr., Rich took the checkers again!

Dan Alamaa, Aaron Paulsen win the GAM twin 30's. The first GAM main event posted an intimidating group of drivers at the rear of the field. Veterans and past champions like Shawn Johnson, Jeff Larsen Jr., Dan Alamaa and defending champion Aaron Paulsen took their spots at the rear of the field anxiously awaiting the green flag. After the green flew, pole sitter #46 Brandon Dimmick(Rookie) led the race for nearly 15 laps while the #8 Alamaa, #81 Larsen Jr. and #84 Paulsen work their way into the top five.  At lap 16 Alamaa put his #8 in the familiar outside groove where he runs so well and rocketed past Dimmick with precision for the lead. Alamaa “checked out” on the field with Jeff Larsen Jr. finishing second in the first twin-main. Alamaa driving “ol Red” wins the first 30 lap main.

The second GAM twin-main presented a complete inversion of the field from the first twin, putting Alamaa, Larsen jr. and rookies Dimmick and Schaller at the tail of the field. Early on the#90 Johnson trades paint with #5 Olson in turn 3 resulting in Olson loosing several spots. Soon after, Olson and Alamaa make contact. While they were both able to continue racing, the contact ruins the chance for either of them to win with damage to both cars. The lap 7 restart had #44 William Frick leading the pack to the green with rookie #99 Kyle Rayburn on the outside of the front row. At lap 15 #84 Paulsen took the lead while the #99 Rayburn gets loose and is shuffled back into traffic and is contacted by #97 Schaller, resulting in Schaller’s disqualification. Aaron Paulsen went on to win the second twin-main thanking his crew and sponsors in victory lane. As his car was suffering mechanical issues all day and night, Aaron went on to thank fellow competitors Dan Alamaa, Jeff Larsen Jr. and Kyle Rayburn for their help in the pits. We all applaud and encourage that kind of sportsmanship. The best overall/average finish goes to Jeff Larsen Jr., coming from the back in both mains to take 2nd in each of them.

Hornet 40 lapper. Leann O’Lear took quick time for the event. This 40 lap event evened up the field by running half the race in one direction around the track followed by a competition caution. Then they lined up again to run in the opposite direction. The winner was rookie Eric Kirk in the #66x who in just his 3rd race dominated.

Congrtulations to Ryan O'Lear who won the Sportsman main event and Jim Bob Bradley who fought hard to take the Street Stock win.

See all the results and point standings by clicking the “Results” tab on the menu.

July 29, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

July 23, 2013- Schedule UPDATE

The Grand American Modified Twin 30's has been re-scheduled for this Saturday, July 27th! Also, there will be no Dwarf cars so...we will have Street Drags this Saturday as well!

July 23, 2013- The race is ON- By Mike Bible

On July 27th the ERA Super Modifieds hit I-25 Speedway’s high banks again this season.  Yep, the ground will pound again as these monsters take the green flag at the best short track around.  The Grand American Modifieds continue their drivers battle. The Hornets will run a 40 lap main event… 20 laps in one direction then 20 laps in the opposite direction! Also on hand will be the Sportsman and Street Stocks.  Special event pricing will be in effect for the July 27th event. The Green flag drops at 6:00 pm!

Recap of July 20th: Saturday July 20th slated the Grand American Modifieds to run twin 30 lap main events . Also on hand were the Sportsman division, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Charger Figure 8’s and Hornets. What was a great night for racing suddenly stopped the racing action as an unpredicted and uncommon rain shower blew in just as the 4th main event began.
The multiple trophy dashes and heat races provided close racing. For the trophy dashes the winners were: #81of Jeff Larsen Jr.-GAM, #20 of Daniel Payne-Sportsman, #5 of Greg Smith-Mini Stock, #19 of Shelby Cortese-Street Stock, #18 of Bryan Ford who won the trophy dashes in both the Hornet and Charger Figure-8 divisions.  Past Hornet champ Sean Frank set a new Charger Figure-8 track record in qualifying at a time of 20.214.
In the event that there wasn’t enough racing action, the Sportsman main was packed with it. Aaron Paulsen worked inside and outside to capture another win while O’Lear, Kimmler, Geist and Burke battled it out.
The Grand American Modified main event was intense from the first lap to the last lap. The #99 of Kyle Rayburn was on the pole. After an early caution and restart it wasn’t long before the #81 of Jeff Larsen Jr.  (starting 8th) made his way through the field to take the lead. At lap 25 the running order was Larsen, Schaller (starting 7th), A. Paulsen (starting 12th), Dimmick, and Roberson (starting 9th).  Despite the best efforts of #84 Paulsen he couldn’t get the around #97 of Schaller in the closing laps. Jeff Larsen Jr. took the win in commanding fashion.  It was a great race by veterans and rookies alike. Jeff Larsen Jr.  won the GAM Trophy Dash as well as the main event.
See all the results and point standings by clicking the “Results” tab on the menu.

July 23, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

July 15, 2013- Recap of July 13- By Mike Bible

July 13th was a night for twin main events for the Super Late Models, Bandoleros and the Legends. The Super Late Models ran two 25 lap mains and the huge field of over 20 Legends raced two 30 lap main events through the night.  The Sportsman, Mini Stock, Hornets and Bandolero divisions competed as well.

Rick McComb  (SLM) won his first trophy dash of 2013 as did Daniel Payne (SPT)  and Debra Meigs (Bando).  Joe Gant won the Mini Stock dash, Tea McComb won the Hornet dash and Pete Dellarco won the Legends dash.

Aaron Paulsen, doing “double duty” again this week, racing a Super Late Model and Sportsman, won the Sportsman main event. Mark Delaney won the Mini Stock main, Leann O’lear nailed another win in the Hornets and Debra Meigs won the first Bandolero main, then Shelby Wilson came in first for the second of the Bandolero mains.

Clegg, Jackson, Jones, Cooper, Scott, Seip and so many others exemplify the great racing that the Legends series bring to race fans across the country. While all drivers have their own style, the twin Legends main events were absolutely fantastic and the race teams got to “show their stuff” on the high-banks of I-25 Speedway. In fierce battles Kyle Clegg advanced from deep in the field to win the first main twin, and Ryan Jones took the checkers in the second main. Joshua Jackson (quick Time) bounced back to a great finish after a previous incident.

The Super Late Model main events: The first main event placed the #23 of George Maldonado Jr. on the pole with the #28 of Dan Alamaa in the 4th starting spot and points leader #84 Aaron Paulsen starting 5th with the rest of the field behind. At lap 20 an altercation between the #28 and #14x of Darrel Stutzman caused a game changing caution causing Stutzman to restart at the rear of the field because he had to pit. At the restart Paulsen makes the winning move on G. Maldonado Jr. in turn one going to the outside. With only 4 laps left to go, Paulsen secures the pass in the next corner taking the lead and winning yet another Super Late Model main.   The second SLM main starting grid placed Alamaa and Stutzman on the front row with G. Maldonado Jr. and Paulsen in the second row. Stutzman lead for several laps while Alamaa was contending with Paulsen at every turn.  Just a few laps later Alamaa took a few inches and moved Stutzman enough to take the lead with Paulsen right behind. In a familiar battle between Paulsen and Alamaa all eyes were on the leaders. With just 3 laps left Paulsen made a move to the inside of Alamaa on the back straight but to no avail. Dan Alamaa went on to win his first main event at I-25 Speedway in 2013.

July 15, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

July 9, 2013- Recap of July 6- By Mike Bible

A bit of rain and a late-breaking decision by county officials to not allow the pre-planned, professional fireworks show didn’t hold back the July 6th festivities at I-25 Speedway. By 6:10 pm the Colorado skies cleared, the track was drying and it was on.  After some amazing racing on the track, the laser light show took center stage followed by live music from “Full Bore”. The place was definitely “rocking and rolling” with the tunes from this band.

The CARC Modified Coupes are always a favorite here at I-25 Speedway.  From the Trophy Dash to the Main Event, this event was no exception to the great racing they bring.

After an intense Trophy Dash won by #4 Bill Simmons, Cole Roberson in his #96 Nova raced his way to his first Main Event win this season in the Street Stocks ending Simmons’ winning streak. The car count will be growing, and the intensity in this division.

Without a doubt, the “Best Move” of the race would go to Aaron Paulsen in the #84 Grand American Modified, owned by Wisthoff Motorsports. Paulsen started deep in the field in the 11th spot for the GAM main event with hard chargers such as rookie of the year favorite Jared Schaller ahead of him and past track champions behind him. By lap 20 Paulsen had worked his way into the top 4. Paulsen passed the #66 Mike Maldonado Jr. on the outside  for the lead with just a few laps left but the caution came out for a non-related spin some time later.  Controversially, Paulsen was put behind the #66 for the restart.  The green flew again with just a few laps to go; Paulsen made his move to the outside of turn 4 on the last lap and took the checkered flag by mere inches, bringing everyone to their feet.

Check out all of the race results and point standings in the "Results" tab.

July 9, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

July 3, 2013- Fireworks show UPDATE.

It was made known to I-25 Speedway today that we would NOT be able to move forward with the fireworks show as planned for this Saturday. Insted, we WILL have a fantastic Laser LIght Show and live music for your entertainment.

July 2, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

July 2, 2013- Fireworks & Fast cars- By MB

On Saturday July 6th, the long-running tradition of an unbeatable fireworks show will continue at I-25 Speedway! It will be the only one of it's kind in southern Colorado this weekend. You will want to be in your seat when it kicks off.

To help celebrate Independence Day, the Grand American Modifieds return to the high-banks after a brief break.  After running five GAM main events this season, we’ve had four different winners. It will be anyone’s race to win, or lose. Aaron Paulsen leads the GAM points battle.

The crowd-pleasing CARC Mod Coupes also return for the July 6th celebration.  These winged, power-making machines run laps just over a blistering 12 seconds here at I-25 Speedway.

The intense Street Stock battle will also resume. Bill Simmons will look for his fourth straight main event win. Second in points, Cole Roberson and dash winners Bud Sopko and Shelby Cortese may have something to say about that, as would rival Jim Bob Bradley.

Mark Delaney leads the Mini Stock points but with no main event wins this season. The points are tight, as are the race finishes. Consistency vs. wins… we’ll see. The Charger Figure-8’s are back to put it all on the line at the “X” this week as well.

So, just relax in your seat after the race program and enjoy the professional, custom fireworks presentation this Saturday night. Main gate opens at 4:00 pm - Racing starts at 6:00 pm, fireworks to follow. Only at I-25 Speedway! See ya there.

June 25, 2013- For Fans and Racers- By MB

Be sure to check out the Track Photos link. From there you can purchase the great images captured by our talented photographers.A big "thank you" to Rick Kimmick, who on very short notice, stepped up to the challenge. He has been taking great shots since opening night. We're glad to have him and hope he's able to keep photographing at the track as his schedule allows.

We are anticipating the arrival of Katrina Fidanza this week, who comes to us all the way from New York. Kat has been the track photographer at Evans Mills Speedway for several years and specializes in short track racing photography. Kat has a passion for the sport and we're happy she's chosen I-25 Speedway as her new home track. Welcome, Katrina, from all of us.

June 23, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

June 22, 2013 -Modified Twin 30 lapper

Tonight’s special event highlights the Grand American Modifieds with their twin 30-lap main events.  That means double the racing action for the first time this season.  The CARC  Mod Coupes will surely put on a great show with their nostalgic ultra-fast race machines.  The line-up is complemented by the Sportsman’s, Hornets, Charger Figure- 8’s and Dwarf cars.
Tickets are available at the main gate which opens at 4:00pm. The Green flag drops at 6:00pm for this special event.

June 17, 2013- Points / Results are now posted.

June 17, 2013 - -Recap of June 15- By Mike Bible

After last week’s rained out event, everyone was ready for some action. That holds true for the drivers in every division that competed.  Many battles were won (and lost) on the last few laps all night long.

To start the night, the trophy dashes were intense again this week. The Street Stock dash was for sure the most intense of the evening. In one of those closing-lap battles famous at I-25 Speedway, were the #88 of Jim Bob Bradley and the #4 of Bill Simmons. Tempers flared on the track and again off the track. These are two race teams who have had “history”, shall we say, for some time. Simmons won his first dash of 2013 while Bradley ended up in 4th. Come main event time, the tension in the air was palpable as the Street Stocks took the track. Good, clean, hard racing was what we all want and we were not let down by the drivers in their main event. Simmons went on to claim his second main event win of 2013. He appreciatively thanked the fans for their support in his victory lane interview. I can’t wait for more action from this entire division of good drivers. Just my 2 cents here… we all love and encourage a good rivalry, we really love more to see it settled fair and square between the green and checkers.  So, show us your talent and skill on the track and we’ll appreciate it, guaranteed.

The green flag fell on the Mini Stock Main event with drivers slicing and dicing for position. The #5 of Greg Smith was among those who made an early move gaining track position. It paid off well for Greg. Once he got in front he was able to hold off hard-charging Mark Delaney and the #6 of Shannan Smith for the win.

If I were to call the “Best Move” of the night it would be nearly impossible. I would be torn between two drivers in the Super Late Model main event who were at the same place, at the same time, looking for the same thing… the win. So, race winner George Maldonado Jr. and Chad Stutzman share the “Best Move” award.  The #14 of Stutzman pursued #23 Maldonado Jr. intently. Stutzman took advantage of his strategy on the last lap and made his inside move on the #23 in turn 4. They bounced off of each other on their way to the finish line bringing the crowd to their feet. George Jr. won by mere inches. It was a great battle by two very talented drivers and the first Super Late Model main event win by Maldonado Jr.

It was great to see veteran Modified drivers Shawn Johnson and Dean Olson back for the first time in 2013; they helped put on one heck of a show.  The Grand American Modified main event put the current points leader Aaron Paulsen  to battle some fierce competition with veterans and rookies alike. The #90 of Johnson took advantage of a great starting spot and Paulsen was absolutely relentless in pursuit of Johnson.  These two veterans played cat and mouse in nearly every corner.  In the last several laps Paulsen radioed his crew saying, “I gotta go now”. And go he did, right to victory lane. #84 Paulsen finished 1st, #90 Johnson 2nd and Dean Olson 3rd, an exciting race for all.

The Hornets coin flip was “tails”, resulting in the main event being raced in the clockwise direction.  Brandon Hagen put all of his eggs in the counter-clockwise direction set up and took quick time again. That didn’t result in his favor though in the main event. Unable to keep his car in the groove he struck the NE wall nearly head on putting him out of contention. The #16 of Leann O’Lear qualified 3rd AND won her first main event.  The #16 team balanced the odds and setup resulting in victory for Leann. Nice job!

Shelby Wilson won the Bandolero main and set a new track record of 15.233 sec. which has stood for over 12 years. Nice Job Shelby!

June 3, 2013 -Open Wheel Madness- By Mike Bible

The June 1st, 2013 event was indeed a night of firsts at I-25 Speedway. Though it was the second event of 2013, a deluge of first time events took place.

As the national anthem played, the flag car was actually a pick-up truck. Inside of that Dodge Ram were Troy Lewis and family members of Rachelle (Loftin) Lewis. Rachelle and her family are long time racers at I-25 Speedway.  Rachelle suffered an untimely stroke earlier this week. She is still undergoing treatment at a Pueblo hospital. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. “We can’t wait to see Rachelle back out here” said husband Troy.

“A NEW TRACK RECORD”! Those words were spoken by track announcer Alan Fox for his first time as Rich Castor Jr. posted a qualifying time faster than any ERA Super Modified ever at I-25 Speedway. Castor Jr. has held the track record since June 19th, 2010. This is the first time that any ERA Super Modified has qualified under the 11.000 second barrier. As Rich began his windup lap everyone could tell that this was going to be something special. Indeed it was, Castor Jr. posted a blistering time of 10.876. The Super Mod main event let nobody down. The crowd was on their feet as Rich reeled in the leaders of Harold Evans and Joe Priselac despite big time traffic the entire race. In a last lap fight for the finish Rich Castor Jr. took home the win in exciting fashion.

The CARC Modified Coupes showed up in droves to take on each other and the fast high-banks of I-25 Speedway. An unbelievable show of power and precision took place. The Colorado Automobile Racing Club, nicknamed the CARC, has been in existence prior to NHRA, USAC and NASCAR.  The nostalgic Mod Coupes were on hand to deliver awesome racing, as they always do. So many cars… so many contenders for a win. Tight, up-close and personal, the Mod Coupes battled for position all night long. Cris Muhler, a well-known regional race winner in multiple divisions crossed the finish line first despite the efforts of Gary Land who pursued Muhler intently.

Then there are the Grand American Modifieds to talk about. Yep, that’s another first as Mike Maldonado Jr. wins his first Grand American Modified main event.  After a controversial lap 10 altercation between the #84 of Aaron Paulsen and the #66 of Maldondo Jr., Paulsen was sent to the back for the restart. Mike Jr. held off John Fortner, hard charging Jared Schaller as well as Aaron Paulsen who made up several spots.

Another first time occurrence was the main event win of driver Bill Simmons in the Street Stock division. Simmons is in his second year of full-time competition at I-25 Speedway. This is his first paved track that he’s ever competed on.  Bill raced a multitude of dirt tracks in his native state of Arkansas before relocating to southern Colorado.  Simmons put the hammer down and dominated the Street Stocks.

Now another first… “The Hornets take the green flag and soar in to turn 4???”  WAIT, WHAT??? Yep, that’s correct. Turn 4 can now be turn 1 if the coin falls the right way (or wrong way). The coin flip results in the Hornets racing in the CLOCKWISE direction for the first time. It is indeed a controversial procedure that is intended to level the playing field of this economically based division. The #42 of Eric Bowers pulled out the first clockwise Hornet win.

You can see all of the race results by clicking on the “Results” tab on the upper menu bar. - mb

June 1, 2013 - Tonight at the Races..

Tonight at I-25 Speedway… it’s Open Wheel Madness!  You won’t want to miss the show as the “CARC Modified Coupes” (AKA Vintage Modifieds) return for the first time this season to battle it out. We’re happy to present the return of the “ERA Super Modifieds” to I-25 Speedway. The ground does indeed “pound” when these high horsepower, alcohol injected beasts take the track.

Our “Grand American Modifieds” add even more exciting open wheel racing to the mix. With a fine field of rookies and skilled modified drivers alike, this division is wide open.

The exciting “Hornets” and “Street Stocks “of I-25 Speedway fight hard for wins and points at their home track. The popular “Street Stocks” hit the track for the first time this season.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Green flag drops at 6:00 pm. See ya at the races- mb

May 27, 2013 - Points / Results are posted.

May 27, 2013 -"Opening Night" - By Mike Bible

The 2013 season opened with a bang at I-25 Speedway. While some hiccups were understandably expected by the transition of the new track ownership group, Cullen Racing, the show proceeded quite smoothly.  Track manager Charlie Wilson seemed to be on top of things early on and was in control. He stated optimistically, “We are ready, let’s go racing!” The anthem began and so did the 2013 race season.  So, again, some hiccups… sure. However, it was a very productive first race and management has stated that they have been able to identify a number of issues in which they will be able to greatly improve the experience for all.

The nearly full house of race fans enjoyed the action packed racing. The “ERA Super Modifieds” had a few cars on hand for the fans to get up close and personal with. Bob Myer unleashed his ground-pounder for us during intermission. You gotta’ love those cars. A full field of the alcohol burning monsters will be in town next Saturday, June 1st to duke it out on I-25 Speedway’s high banks.

Aaron Paulsen, doing triple duty driving a Super Late Model, Grand American Modified and Sportsman car needed help hauling all of the “hardware” he took home. Paulsen won the Budweiser Super Late Model  main event and the Sportsman main. He also won the trophy dashes in the Modifed and Sportsman divisions as well as posting Quick Times in his Late Model and Modified. He suffered a carburetor issue late in the Modified main that resulted in a DNF.

Zack Fortner had a real fast racecar once the sun went down and drove hard all night. Zack won the Grand American Modified main in fine fashion.  His father John congratulated him in victory lane on his outstanding win. Congratulations to Zack. You can see all of the race results by clicking on the “Results” tab on the upper menu bar.

May 15, 2013 -"It's about the racing" - By Mike Bible

Cullen Racing, the new owners and management of I-25 Speedway have been hard at it for months now in anticipation of the opening night of 2013. The management group which consists of local racers themselves; Charlie Wilson, Chris Cullen and Danny Sartor are preparing their roles as opening night approaches.  The new management believes their insights and experience will propel the iconic speedway to new heights.

Though some growing pains are expected, the new management is diligent in assuring that short track racing in southern Colorado remains strong and gains in popularity. “I-25 Speedway is an amazing track to race on and to watch exciting racing, the best around”, said owner Chris Cullen. “It’s about the racing”, Cullen stated “Our goal is to focus on the racing and the fan experience on the track, we’re going to make it the best it can be”.

Many improvements have been made to the facility and to race operations alike.  Fans will enjoy new concessions with great food as well as the new use of equipment and technology to speed up any down time due to track clean-up. Our racers can be confident that their issues are being addressed as well. A new officiating staff and a brand new 500 gallon double lined fuel tank to supply “perfect” fuel at a low cost… just to name a few major improvements.

Come join us on May 25 for the opening night of 2013! -mb

April 30, 2013 -Gates Open for 2013! - By Mike Bible

Gates OPEN! – The pit gates of I-25 Speedway officially opened Saturday morning, April 27th for pre-season hotlapping. After a long off-season it was clear that many teams were anxious to get the race season going as car after car began rolling through the gates. The weather was perfect and the turnout was impressive. Some racers intensively “shook down” their cars while others got some valuable seat time and went through tech as their priority. There were cars representing every division on hand!

There were many familiar faces and cars. I was also delighted to see those that I haven’t seen in a while, as well as many racers who are new to the track… welcome and welcome back! - mb

April 03, 2013 - New Ownership at I-25 Speedway

Public Release – It is with a very heavy heart that White Brothers motorsports has made the agonizing decision to sell its business interest in I-25 Speedway.  Chris Cullen of Pueblo Colorado has purchased the Speedway and will take control of the facility effective April 3rd 2013.  All questions and business related concerns will need to be addressed to Mr. Cullen at 1-719-240-0714.
Randel and I want to give a huge thank you to all of the racers, crews, sponsors, fans, employees, and volunteers for their loyalty, dedication and support over the last 11 years.  We will miss all of the friendships that we treasure dearly and to all the people that had faith in us from the beginning to see this facility mature into something very special for all to enjoy.  The priceless memories that have accumulated over several race seasons will be cherished and held dear for many years to come.  May the Good Lord Bless each and every one of your paths, which ever road you choose to travel.
Perry White
 I-25 Speedway


Feb 17, 2013 - ASA and I-25 Speedway 2013 By Kevin Ramsell


Kevin Ramsell/ASA Racing PR
DAYTONA BEACH, FL (Friday, February 8, 2013) – One thing you hear in marketing classes is location, location and location.  I-25 Speedway, an ASA Member Track near Pueblo, CO, is hoping that their location will work well this season as they plan to entertain the best of the best this season.  This includes the men, women and families serving today in the United States Military.

The quarter-mile high-banked asphalt oval located seven miles north of Pueblo, right off of I-25 recently announced their 2013 schedule with their season opening on Saturday, May 25. 

Perry White, I-25 Speedway Promoter, is hoping to entertain as many fans as possible this season.  But he and his staff are hoping to... Click HERE to read full story